The korean wedding tradition is a series of ceremonies that respect the woman’s communities and their heritage, unlike some American marriages, which are typically just one big party. Every detail has a particular importance, from the attire to the meal to the bow and drink.

The Paebaek serves as the first service. This was formerly solely for members of the family, but it can now accommodate customers. The bride and groom greet their new in-laws at this ceremony, who are seated behind furniture filled with various products. The symbolic jujubes ( Korean dates ) and chestnuts, which are children’s foods, are two of them. The couple gives the parents their gifts and takes a profound arrow. Additionally, they drink a glass of pleasure together. The brides attempt to catch them with their skirts, but the in-laws then return the jujubes and chestnut to them. According to reports, the names of the people they catch imply how numerous sons or daughters the couple does possess.

The couple’s area sends presents to the bride’s family once the commitment is final. Although they are typically private goods, they is cost more. The bride’s mummy typically wears a light orange gown, while her daughter likely choose a red or pink one.

The Jeonanrye, in which the man presents his upcoming mother-in-law with wild geese, is another pre-wedding ceremony. This demonstrates that he will remain committed to his korean brides innovative partner and that their marriage may last a lifetime. A surprise of wooden ducks replaces this one from immediately.

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